Case Study: Othot

Building a user-friendly, actionable solution for big data




User Experience and UI Design, Software Development, Quality Assurance Testing


Predictive Analytics 

Othot: Understanding data using predictive analytics to empower decision-making


Othot helps organizations gain insights by merging data science with analytics. They built a predictive analytics engine that helps decision-makers evaluate the impact of choices and choose the best course of action. Othot partnered with Rivers Agile to design and build a custom platform that gives on-demand data insights in a user-friendly way.
We partnered together to create a seamless front-end for the data analytics algorithm that allows users to: See on-demand predictions for their data and actions Make more well-informed decisions based on possible outcomes Customize the analysis to fit their specific needs Identify gaps in their data

Othot’s platform puts the robust, complex predictive analytics engine at each user’s fingertips. By allowing for a fully user-configurable platform, the information is both dynamic and highly relevant. Othot has launched a desktop product that integrates its Calisto and Titan analytics engines.

On-demand predictions

Understand and predict the impacts of actions through dynamically generated models and insights

Customized, configurable approach

Users can configure nearly everything in the application — from records, to models — even down to labels and custom JSON

Actionable insights

Reduce cognitive load by analyzing and recommending actions and outcomes in a user-friendly interface

Data access anytime, anywhere

Centralized cloud-based storage that allows multiple users to access the same predictions from anywhere

Customer management

Allows Othot to manage and create a database instance per each customer

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