Case Study: Aires

Crafting a digital experience for world-class corporate relocation services




Product Strategy, User Experience Design, UI Design



SpringBoard: A guide through the complex process of relocation


Aires, a global leader in corporate relocation, is best known for their full-service high-touch approach. They recognized an opportunity to provide solutions for the self-service market, a group often left with little or no tools to help them. Aires engaged Rivers Agile to help them take an initial idea for a tool and make it a reality.
Aires turned to us to create a product with an understandable and actionable user experience. We conducted a heuristic evaluation of an initial prototype that Aires created, specifically looking for opportunities to improve usability.
Identifying the opportunities led to user flow generation. We then created and tested an updated design for each platform with users. From these tests, we revised our designs and Aires has launched the web version of the product.

SpringBoard brings together information across the relocation process to allow users to better organize and streamline their move. SpringBoard has launched as a desktop product with a cross-platform mobile app slated for release in the near future.

Personalized move organizations and overview

Dashboard and step-by-step guide through the relocation process tailored to each user

Connection to a variety of service providers

Access to quality, recommended providers

Budget estimating and assistance

Monitor and analyze cost breakdowns of expenditures and budgets

Corporate relocation success measurements

Provide insight into company-wide relocation metrics

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