Quality Assurance Consulting Services

Quality Assurance Consulting

This division of the company began in 2008 and has grown from our passion and commitment to quality. We focus on tuning into the needs of our client’s business and assisting in cost reduction, risk mitigation, process redesign and tool implementation. Our consultants provide services for a range of client sizes from Fortune 100 companies to startups and have worked in industries such as healthcare, education, oil and gas and law. Additionally, we provide the same spectrum of services to custom and commercial software companies. We pride ourselves in our ability to add value through quality.

Engaging with Rivers Agile

Every client has different needs, so we expect that any engagement is a customized process outlined. A key part of our process includes an emphasis on defining baseline data in order to measure current state and future success. We typically partner with clients because something either costs too much or is not effective. As a result, these baseline measurements are often required.

We are a versatile group, but our specialties include:

  • Process improvement
  • Reducing cost of development/maintenance
  • Functional testing with added negative and boundary testing
  • Test case automation using Test Complete/Selenium/Visual Studio (TFS)
  • Team foundation server customization – why not bend the software to your process?
  • Key metrics reporting

Our Process

Analyze: Our goal is to review your current processes and identify areas of concern. Our team will interview key stakeholders in an effort to determine areas for improvement, including resource constraints, training and work flow dependencies. Depending on the size and scope, the analysis cycle can last from two to six weeks. We recommend initial interviewing and feedback tasks as well as participating in one to two sprints to take a fresh look at trending. Within this cycle we capture as much key metric data as possible to define the baseline data that the success of our partnership will be measured against.

The analysis deliverable includes a report with recommended areas of improvement that are highlighted with the baseline metric data.

Deploy: Now that we have collectively decided on next steps, this is where we begin to implement change or augmentation. There may be some training, configuration of existing tools, deployment/customization of a new tool or process changes that are used to initiate this cycle.

During deployment we focus on:

  • Cost of testing
  • The role of QA
  • Cost to fix production issues
  • Utilization
  • Repeatability
  • Test case maintenance
  • Production issue identification and communication

Long-term on/off site consultants can be engaged just prior to the onset of this cycle.

Measure: Now that we have deployed and executed the recommended improvements, we start to measure current metrics against the baseline to report on outcomes. This cycle generally lasts about half of the time of the Analyze cycle and there may be a reduction of consulting resources needed, depending on your need for longer-term resources.

Quality Assurance Consulting Services

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