Rivers Agile Workshop for Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups

Fostering innovation through personalized investment

What is Rivers Agile Workshop (RAW)?

The Workshop is an initiative offered by the parent company, Rivers Agile, as a business acceleration service designed for entrepreneurs and startups focused on Machine Learning, Financial Technology (FinTech), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Primarily intended for early-stage companies that generate impact through technology, ‘technology-oriented,’ and/or consumer-focused innovation(s) to trigger growth in preparation for continuing investment. The Rivers Agile Workshop initiative provides support to develop emerging commercially-viable businesses to become attractive to other funders and/or generate revenue. The Workshop’s goal is to transform business concepts into re-fundable startups that generate positive returns and outcomes through their innovation.

How does the RAW process work?

The Workshop’s vetting process involves four distinct phases: Prospecting, Screening, Due Diligence, and finally, Partnership. Our engineering services are tailored for each participant – utilizing our network of industry, financial, and legal resources to assist entrepreneurs throughout the process. As a follow on investor, Rivers Agile reinvests a portion of our profits and technological resources back into early-stage companies in exchange for meaningful ownership privileges.

Where do I begin?

In navigating the journey of entrepreneurship, you’ll take on many roles. Look to our team of software developers, testers, researchers, strategists and innovators to help you develop real, meaningful solutions. If you have an idea you’d like us to champion — complete an inquiry or contact a Rivers Agile Workshop specialist at (877) 748-3773.


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